Oblivion + Project 3 Ideas

So I watched Oblivion for my homework and I’ve gotta say. What a terrible, terrible movie that steals from a bunch of other greater scifi films. There’s appropriation and referencing films, and then there’s just not having any original things to say with the genre.

But other than my qualms with the film’s script, it was a visually stunning experience! If we break down the movie, there were 3 main interaction design pieces (unless you count things like drones having facial and voice recognition). There was the light table, the bubble ship, and Jack’s HUD on his gun. The two that were the most present were very HUD like with the bubble ship and the gun, but I’m going to analyze the more complex interface.

The Light table present at Jack and Vicka’s base was the most complex and probably informative interface in the film. It had many functions and acted as the base’s main control and communication system with the Tet. It’s such a beautiful interface that you might find something similar on a techy’s computer monitoring his computer hardware’s status. It makes a ton of sense being used by a technologically advanced alien race mostly comprised of sentient AI since it displays such a wide range of data, but doesn’t offer much to an outsider’s perspective. You may recognize a few things on the interface, but overall it’ll appear as information overload and will offer little value information wise. In the present day, it might have useful applications in a mission command center where people are trained to understand what each bit of data is or if it were simplified, it might make a good status system for a person’s house.

While doing research for Project 2, I came across the studio that that worked on the interfaces. If you want to see some more about Oblivion’s UI, go to Gmunk’s website.


  • Home Status System
  • PSUGD Interactive Display
  • Contact HUD
  • Interactive Crosswalk
  • Interactive Bus Stop
  • Interactive Telescope
  • Home Sound System
  • Smart Chalkboard
  • SMART CAT 3000!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


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