Project 3 HW 1

Fifth Element
Big Military ship has physical interfaces with digital displays. Lots of knobs and buttons that help control the ship while giving the “user” information on what they were seeing out in space via the screen.
Bruce Willis’s alarm clock is a thin sheet of glass that functions as a touch screen.
Bruce Willis’s entire house is “activated” when his alarm goes off. Lights come on, “quit smoking” cigarette dispenser speaks.
There is a switch to open the cat door.
Numerous buttons and screens inside the taxi, as well as a robotic voice that relays information (how many points Dallas has on his multi-pass). Buttons operate the taxi (release it from its dock), screens show the taxi’s “vitals” and the cost/route.
The Taxi has a screen that displays a map of the area around the cab so that the user can see the surrounding obstacles and drivable space (Since all vehicles hover/fly).
The machine that brings Leeloo back to life has screens and direct input buttons that show the vitals and process
A virtual reality/holographic screen supports the piece of body and builds it from the skeleton up.
Microwaves that transform pill sized “food” into full meals.
Computer allows Leeloo to search for a specific location and touch the screen for added information.
Make up applicator that is shaped like a pair of goggles/visor, applies makeup with the push of a button.
Cruise ship pilot on Flostan Paradise has a glass screen that shows a projection on his side but nothing on the cabin side, allows him to pilot the ship.
The final interface is the one that saves the world. The four stone elements are set on pedestals that use iconography as a means of directing the user what to do. The stones are activated by those elements (Fire uses fire, wind uses wind, etc.) and Leeloo plays a part as the fifth element, love. Its a really simple analogue interface for an incredibly important function.


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