Project 3 ideas & Sci-Fi interfaces

I watched Oblivion and here are some of the interfaces I saw:

Table-top interface, automated doors, voice activated computers, orbs that create movable holograms, interactive windshield, sunrise-activated curtains or sensory windows, gesture activated interfaces, retina recognition.

I do love the concept of the table-top interface and look forward to experiencing them before I die. In the film, this device is used daily for their missions to patrol and fixed broken drones and have access to info on other large pieces of technology that they need to monitor. The interfaces uses touch gestures and voice activation to alter its state. I think it was completely appropriate for the movie and their jobs because there is only one person to stay behind and monitor all of that data that they need right in front of them in an organized manner. I think this technology is already being used today (probably MIT or the military) and I think it would be very useful in our homes when monitoring the status/diagnosis of the equipment we surround ourselves with but know nothing of how to fix it (furnace, washer & dryer, fridge, etc)


Here are some ideas for Project 3:

1. body temperature regulating mattress: I go to bed cold and wake up in the middle of the night sweating and my mattress is burning up.

2. smart shower wall or curtain that gives you the morning headlines, weather expectations, your schedule for the day and music or podcast if you can’t stand the news.

3. Cooking surface that helps you to cook foods to the desired temp or texture (meat, grains, veggies)

4. Motorcycle helmet shield with eye-tracking and GPS

5. Intuitive windows that block sunlight in the hottest part of the day.

6. Sprains and strains detecting office chair that supports your back, maybe massages.

7. voice activated watch that syncs with smart phone data and apps

8. Aliment body scanner for hospitals.


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