Project 3 Movie Review + 9 Concept Ideas

Movie: Prometheus

Technology that is incorporated into the film:

  • Touch screens on glass. TV screens that are thin as glass, and see-thru.
  • Memory reader. Michael Fassbender can wear a helmet that can be used to control various devices on the ship. He can read into the memories of the crew. The crew is in a state of deep sleep while the space ship moves through the universe.
  • Michael Fassbender aka “David” is a human-like robot. He does not have to go into a deep sleep. He’s not alive. (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Doors that slide open. (Cliche that they are button operated instead of automatic).
  • Radiation/Heat shields can be opened/closed outside the ship’s cockpit.
  • Futuristic cockpit, with glass screens, holographic projections and bright colorful buttons!
  • Holographic projection of Peter Weyland and his office. He’s projecting his office inside the ship’s cargo hold. Yellow lasers shoot out which I guess project the scene
  • Holographic panels pop out in same cargo hold, this time these panels show cave paintings. These panels can be manipulated by gestures. Gestures can be manipulated in all 3 directions.
  • Automated surgical table. You can tell the computer what you want and it can perform the operation autonomously.
  • Holographic menu in the ships main cockpit. Act’s like a Microsoft Surface, but again in all 3 directions.
  • Camera feeds on all personnel. Camera displays a HUD (heads up display). Shows vital signs, name, etc.
  • Orb like scanner shoots out thousands of red lasers that map out the alien structures interior. Orb floats in the middle of the room and moves very fast throughout.
  • David turns on an ancient recording of people running away in the ancient structure. This is projected via 3d hologram which you see in real time.
  • Carbon Reader, can do  on the fly Carbon-14 dating. Syringe like design.
  • 3D scanner in operating room. Like a CT scanner, but more advanced, not X-ray based. Doctor can manipulate the image on screen.
  • Electric Probe with onboard visual of Amperage. Spiking Alien head’s nervous system in order to reactivate it. Syringe like.
  • Glass block that acts like a computer. Showcases data they recovered from the alien structure. Lots of glass like computer based imagery in this film.

Technology Analysis:

With all these in mind, one of them stands out among them all and that is the Automated Surgical Table. This table was used by Elizabeth Shaw to perform an alien abortion, via C-section (Even though the surgical table wasn’t meant for her). Having an automated surgical table operate on you can be very scary — even scarier when there’s an alien involved. What if you fidget and a scalpel slices your stomach clean in two? The movie did a good job of restraining Shaw, but what if the restraints fail? What if when it staples you back up it staples areas that don’t need to be stapled? What if a skin-cutting laser cuts your face open? If the computer goes haywire, you could get mutilated. However, what it can do is be able to operate on you with extreme precision — something that a human surgeon can’t do. It has no fear and can work long hours.  It can also replace many pieces of hardware and incorporate them into 1 table. It’s also offers a much smaller footprint in the operating room. However, this would never be practical in a real world setting. Risk would probably be greater than the Reward. Ethics would forbid any type of computer to solely operate on you, because you are taking matters out of the hands of a sentient being. And insurances companies would never cover such a device.

9 Concepts:


  • Interactive window
  • “Smart” Microwave
  • Mobile 3D Scanner
  • Google Glass Grocery Wayfinding AR app
  • Shoe Sensor
  • Utility Visualization App. (Displays water, gas, heating %’s)
  • OLED “Smart” Glass
  • Automated Ice Dispenser for your fridge
  • Windshield Instrument HUD

Concept Sketches_0001 Concept Sketches_0002 Concept Sketches_0003 Concept Sketches_0004 Concept Sketches_0005


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