Sci-fi Movie + 9 Ideas

So I watched Back to the Future II, and these were some interfaces I saw:

• 3D/hologram ads that interacted/jumped at you realistically.

• Power lacing shoes: shoes that automatically laced themselves.

• Smart jackets: self-drying + smartly custom fits to your body automatically.

• Computer Simulacrum: AI computer program designed and programmed with human likeness/behaviors.

• Live updateable print newspapers

• Fingerprint scan doors (no need for doorknobs to open them).

• Fruit dispenser: had a voice user interface.

• Smart glasses using augmented reality to display information while driving.


Analyzing the jacket Marty had in the future, it’s a pretty neat idea. A one size for all jacket that is smart enough to automatically custom fit to your body size and know when it’s wet. Although I wish I had one, there were some flaws to it. One being that the self-drying function was very loud and annoying, which would be very unpractical to use in most situations since it was like having 10 hairdryers going off at once inside your jacket. The second would be that the computer voice (in my opinion) is sort of unnecessary because why would you need a voice telling you out loud that your jacket is drying when you can already hear and feel it doing so. Lastly, from an aesthetic and subjective opinion, the jacket is really ugly and bulky.


9 ideas/concepts:

• Smart clothing: maybe specifically shirts that would keep you comfortable during whatever weather it is outside. The shirt would be smart enough to adjust to the weather, and know when to do so without you telling it to.

• A digital weather simulator window (I don’t know if this is the right name for it), but basically a window you’d have in your room or office that would display and simulate outside weather of your choosing. Might help for busy days where you would display bad weather outside to motivate you to stay indoors, or during mornings when you want a sunrise to calmly wake you up. (Augmented Reality)

• Smart pan/grill: Would let you know when something’s perfectly browned on the other side so you don’t have to guess and flip it too early or soon. (for steaks, burgers, etc.). Would also help avoid burning food.

• Barbershop mirror: Uses augmented-reality. You can view different cuts/styles through the mirror as you sit down before you actually get your haircut. Helps avoid bad haircuts/mistakes (unless you have a terrible barber of course).

• Tattoo viewer: similar to the idea above, uses a mirror (or maybe glasses) using augmented reality so you can view tattoos on your before you permanently get inked with a bad one. Would also tell you levels of pain depending on the area you’re getting inked.

• Font glasses- identifies fonts/type in real life from any object, sign, magazine, etc. If it can’t, it would suggest you the closest font to whatever you’re analyzing.

• Interactive restaurant tabletop- View what food would look like in front of you through the interactive table you’re sitting at before you order it instead of guessing and ordering based on what “sounds good” from the menu. Would also recommend you things based on what you like/dislike. (Touch Based Interface)

• The self-defense glove: Your hand gestures will keep you safe and out of danger. Use the gun pointing gesture with your index finger extended to use your weapon for self defense:


Use your thumb and pinkie to use your phone to call for help:


• A smart pitcher: Lets you know how much liquid/ingredients to add to make the perfect drink. If you accidentally add too much of something, it will tell you how much more of the other ingredients to add until it balances out.


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