Wall-E UI Notes

UI elements:

Tapedeck-like music player

VHS player

Movement triggered video billboards

Button operated rotating storage shelves

Car lock remote

Button controlled locking restraint

Signs-of-life scanner

Auto-doors triggered by movement scanners

Light switch

Manual food mixer

Lighter flint-&-grinder

Controller for Pong the game

Traffic guidance lines

Holographicly projected interfaces from chairs

Arm rest button controls on chairs

Security keyboard

Ship status & simple operations systems (speech recognition)

Ship status and complex operations long table (touch)

Plant from EVE to Axiom button


Captain’s object analyzer

Escape pod command desk

Escape pod internal flight controls (touch)

Fire extinguisher

Autopilot wheel

Autopilot wheel button controls

UI element analyzation:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.29.01 AM

The captain’s object analyzer is probably the coolest element I saw. It allows the captain to drop an item within the scannable area (as long as it fits) and a system determines what it is and breaks it down for him. He does a couple bits of dirt and the ship’s computer system vocally tells him about Earth and this leads him to become more interested in the dirt and he starts to spout off really simple questions about common activities we do today. This could be a useful interface and part of the system is kinda already in use in smart phones and computers in the form of voice commanded personal assistants and knowledge navigators such as Siri for iOS. But an analyzer system to take something physical and translate it’s attributes into data the computer can use and then enable the user to learn every aspect about it would be awesome. Say I don’t know what type of paper or ink were used to make a poster or business card. I just toss it into this analyzer and it spits the important info at me, then I can choose to investigate the points I found useful like inks and papers. It’s one major weakness of coarse would be the scannable area couldn’t be infinite so the manufacturers would need to sell multiple sizes of the mechanism. Would be sick so get started scientists.



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