Smart Glass: Similar Interfaces

Here are a few Smart Glass applications in the real world:

This one adjusts to a different color, (Dark Blue) in order to close off what you can see in that space.

Here’s Smart Glass that becomes frosted – another way to obscure a users vision.

File:Lounge ICE 3.jpg

File:Loungescheibe milchig.jpg

Searching through the webs, I cannot seem to find anything practical that showcases what I want to be able to do. And that is to be able to have light be generated through the window in order to simulate waking up as though the sun were naturally shining through. Why make the light artificial? Because we in Oregon almost never wake up to a bright sunny sky at 6-7:00 in the morning. It would be a unique experience to be able to wake up naturally even if it is dark outside. It would also give way to an interesting experiment on sleep habits, and natural bio-rhythms. I wonder if waking up artificially would enhance or hurt the natural way one would normally wake up?

Corning glass video displays something to what I had in mind, but that tech isn’t out there yet.

Also I would like to have a feature where the window can dynamically go from clear to dark and/or blurry, so that if you want only half the window dark or blurry, you can. I don’t want it toggle-able like the ones that are above.

I would also like to make it work with your phone and that you can create a user profile that will remember who you are and your presets. When two profiles enter the same room, the windows will know the two users and adjust accordingly between them. Smart Glass will always lean towards the side of privacy.

I also want it to display simple things like an alram clock that syncs to your alarm clock on your phone, weather update, greetings (lol), and be able to adjust for different times of day.


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