Barbershop Mirror + Research

I don’t have a name yet for the barbershop mirror, but here’s the storyboard:Image


Similar interfaces/ideas to what I’m doing:

1. Image

This is an augmented reality virtual mirror for previewing clothes. Pretty useful, because all of this is for online stores, so you can preview stuff on yourself before you actually purchase it. It’s similar to mine because of the interface, and also gives the user multiple choices to go through and pick whatever they want to preview on themselves.

2. Video:


Kind of similar to the one above, but this one lets your preview clothing from all angles, so it gives you a live preview from whatever pose/angle you look at yourself in the mirror. I feel like with hair, this is important since only having a frontal view isn’t good enough if the person sitting down to get their haircut isn’t fully committed to a new look. He/she would want a perfect preview before making that decision.

3. Video: (go to 1:59 if it doesn’t take you there initially)Image

The Sony Playstation 4 uses augmented reality for their “Playroom” feature that lets users play with robots on screen and actually “touch” and interact with them. I think little details like this, maybe having the person in the barbershop chair going thru different hairstyles being able to “touch” or flip their virtual hair would give the mirror another bit of realistic detail.



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