Experience Prototype Questionaire // Home Security System

Describe what your interface does in 2 sentences or less.

  • My Interface is a home security and alert system that allows the user access into their home by keeping pass code or fingerprint information stored in the interface (the actual door) that then unlocks and open doors. In addition, the system alerts the user when someone is at their door and who it is, or if there are signs of forced entry.

Who would use your interface?

  • My interface is designed for homeowners who want a little extra security without the extra hassle.

What would they hope to gain?

  • Feel more secure about keeping your house locked up. Don’t have to carry around your key or worry about getting locked out. Be notified when you are away of any visitors or possible burglars.

What is the context/environment in which people will use your interface? Would it be used in public/private? Alone or in groups?

  • This interface would be used in the home (or office?). Public or private environments could work. Groups does not apply.

What sorts of physical items might a user have to interact with?

  • Probably just a touch screen. Other than that, it would be automatic or alerts that you hear or see but don’t interact with.

What questions do you need answered about your interface to see if it is necessary or effective?

  • Would people want to be able to open and unlock their doors this way?
  • Are alerts necessary (to know who is at your door), or is i easier to just look/open the door?
  • Would visitors be confused by the interface? Would they not use it?

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