Techrep Questionnaire Answers

Describe what your interface does in 2 sentences or less.

The device finds and displays damaged or non-functional components of a computer to a repair guy. Then displays major info about components, repair options, buying locations for specific parts, and tutorials for the required fixing.

Who would use your interface?

Tech repair guys/girls in a high computer use business.

What would they hope to gain?

Easy access to the info they need to be able to buy and repair components in a computer.

What is the context/environment in which people will use your interface? Would it be used in public/private? Alone or in groups?

An private office most likely and mostly alone or with the computer’s owner.

What sorts of physical items might a user have to interact with?

A solid puck or cube.

What questions do you need answered about your interface to see if it is necessary or effective?

Would it save enough time to be worth the investment in such an expensive piece of technology?


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