P3: Experience prototyping questionnaire

  • Describe what your interface does in 2 sentences or less.

Smart Stove assists the user in cooking their food to their desired or proper temperature and texture. It can also connect to their phone for added management and communication.

  • Who would use your interface?

Adults, teens, adult couples, elderly people or assisted living homes

  • What would they hope to gain?

Assistance in properly cooking meals to the correct temp or consistency.

  • What is the context/environment in which people will use your interface? Would it be used in public/private? Alone or in groups?

It will be used in a home environment, in the kitchen. It can be used alone and in group settings (fondue, heated cider, pot luck)

  • What sorts of physical items might a user have to interact with?

A touch screen interface to the left of the cooking elements on the stovetop.

  • What questions do you need answered about your interface to see if it is necessary or effective?

1. Would someone who doesn’t feel confident in cooking use this interface?

2. Is this something that would alleviate some of the stress of cooking for a dinner party?


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