P3 Research & Storyboards

For Project 3 I’ve decided to focus on developing the Blue Sky idea for the PSU.GD TV screens, a project briefly discussed in A+D Projects. I’ve been looking into Interactive Displays that act as informative pieces and I think there’s actually a lot of things to learn from non-interactive designs as well. Unlike some print pieces, we can benefit from a far read, a mid-distance read, and close read since using Kinect or a Sony Eye, we can detect user presence. There are so many cool possibilities for this project and I’ve been stoked for a while to work on it.

So here’s some research I’ve done on similar models:

UO Ford Alumni Center

In collaboration with Second Story, University of Oregon developed an interactive entrance to the Ford Alumni Center which would act as experience that celebrated UO’s past along with helping cultivate a new generation of students. This interactive piece has a lot of elements that I’d love to incorporate into the PSU.GD screens as it would help entice students into discovering more about PSU.GD. It’s a super cool system and can garner an excitement in the community! A lot of cool elements used in the Ford Alumni Center are very emotionally driven.

ASICS/NYC Marathon Interactive Wall

Another Second Story piece I was really drawn to was this interactive wall for the NYC Marathon. The thing that drew me the most to this interactive wall was the attraction element of it. People walking from the subway may not notice usual billboards and signs, but something that moves and detects users can instantly grab attention and interest. There’s a lot of experience-based elements in this wall as it uses wonder and intrigue to grab the viewer’s attention and draw them in.

Elements Interactive Wall

I first saw this on Vimeo a few weeks ago and it instantly drew me with it’s cool motion-based detection. I’d prefer to have motion based detection rather than touch based interactions and this was cool example of utilizing motion tracking to create an aesthetically interesting piece.


Sorry for the out of order numbers. I wanted each number to fit into one of the three states.

1. PSUGD Pattern attracts guests
2. Kinect facial detection shows interactive elements when a user approaches the screen.
10. Important events dictate what appears during the Attract state, such as Show & Tell, Be Honest, or Workshop notifications.

3. Modular grid appears with user presence similar to the PSU.GD website.
4. User clicks on modular tile to reveal more info.
8. tiles shift with a parallax effect depending on the user’s position.
9. When users are no longer detected, the screen returns to Attract state.

5. More info on specific tile appears full screen
6. User either presses back or swipes in front of screen to return
7. Video tile plays video content like Adam Garcia’s workshop video

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3


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