Describe what your interface does in 2 sentences or less.

  • The Healthy Life Watch is worn on the wrist. It has a watch face interface as well as a projection from the inside wrist that laser projects onto the palm of the user’s hand. It is for holding a lot of data and showing menu options but can quickly be hidden internally by touch of a button. The watch face displays time and current health status/ goal objectives.

Who would use your interface?

  • People who are trying to reach health goals such as weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, or incorporate general healthy eating and exercising habits into their lives.

What would they hope to gain?

  • They hope to gain a sense of control and accomplishment of living a healthy and active lifestyle that can make the user’s life more fulfilling. What is life without your health? For some it is to reach a fitness goal with the aid of this watch as a tool to motivate and guide the user.

What is the context/environment in which people will use your interface? Would it be used in public/private? Alone or in groups?

  • This watch interface is for a quick reference to see stats if one is currently working out or to look at the time. The retracting menu laser interface can be pulled out at any time to adjust or calculate one’s goals. This can be private sensitive information but the user simply projects the menu into the palm of their hand so hiding the menu could be easy in a public area. The user can compare or share their progress with other users or on social media.

What sorts of physical items might a user have to interact with? 

  • The physical item is the watch itself. It is sleek, modern, and subtle so the user will want to wear it at all times for most accurate results.

What questions do you need answered about your interface to see if it is necessary or effective?

  • How can I make the projection menu more tactile? Would an audio component be good to include? So far communication from the watch while a user is working out would be like fuel band LED lights that displayed text.

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