This is the Nike Sportwatch, it has Tom Tom GPS as well as tracking calories, and distance. It is used for specifically for training for runs and can break down calories and heart rate capabilities when the user wears a heart rate monitor. The watch has a built in usb chip so you directly plug it into your computer. Also displays time. This will the base of my watch idea, it will have similar functionality as it helps the user accomplish goals and live a healthier lifestyle.


This is a watch concept for diabetics. It monitors insulin levels and delivers it to the person when movement occurs. The watch itself holds enough insulin for 2-3 weeks. The idea is to make life a little more normal for diabetics rather than have them wrestle with syringes each day. Also goes into watch mode. My watch will be able to read people’s blood sugar levels (including non-diabetics) to gage their energy intake levels from food.



This is a watch prototype displaying laser projection, this is similar to how I would like to project the user interface on the palm of the person’s hand.




This is a watch/phone concept idea that combines the two technologies making one’s phone more accessible by having it retract back into the watch when not in use. I will be using a similar system, the separate display system that is not the watch will be a projection on the palm of a person’s hand.


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