Smart Garden




3 Interface Examples and why I chose them:


1) A wall mounted touch screen monitor. This is what I want the central hub of the garden to look like. A small, simple touch screen that can be mounted onto a wall. The smart chips in the planters communicate with this device. Humans also interact with this device to manage their indoor gardens.


2) Wall mounted planters and smart chips. I really like the idea of technology balancing with nature or handmade things. The smart chips are inserted into the soil of the planter and help monitor the vegetables/herbs. This communicates the info to the central hub. The planters/garden are also an interface that people interact with to help live healthier lives.


3) A packet of seeds. I chose this because these are great interfaces. People interact with them and all the information they need to take care of their plants is on the package…plus images of the plants. These are usually visually appealing too. I’d like to translate the information from a packet of seeds into part of the data that the smart chip sends to the central hub.


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