Smart Gardens

  • Describe what your interface does in 2 sentences or less.
    It communicates the information from a person’s indoor garden to that person, like when to water veggies, prune, harvest, etc. It also is a hub for people to connect with other indoor gardener’s to trade, share or purchase vegetables.
  • Who would use your interface? Anybody who would like to have an indoor garden.
  • What would they hope to gain? A healthier lifestyle, fresh veggies and herbs, save money and to interact with other people with the same interests…and to not spend a lot of time trying to manage their indoor garden as it will let the gardener know what it needs to be a healthy indoor garden and grow healthy plants.
  • What is the context/environment in which people will use your interface? Would it be used in public/private? Alone or in groups? The actual interface would be used in private homes. They could also be used in office buildings for indoor gardens at work.
  • What sorts of physical items might a user have to interact with? Seed packets, planters, plants, water containers, gardening tools, the wall mounted interface/central garden hub.
  • What questions do you need answered about your interface to see if it is necessary or effective? I’m not sure yet.

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