Techrep storyboards & similar interfaces


Techrep is a device (shaped like a puck) that makes tech repair for large operations easier and quicker for those repair guys. The puck is placed onto what ever computer (laptop & desktop displayed in storyboards) and it analyzes the system. It then displays in a 3D board the major components (power supply, hard drive, mother board, RAM, speakers, etc) and shows where the issue/s are located. Repairs options and more in depth info then can be accessed as well as ordering options to buy new parts.







Similar Interfaces:

I had a difficult time finding interfaces similar to what  plan on designing partially because 3D projection is still being researched but this is what I found.



Tech mechanics finding the problems the old fashion way by taking the computer apart to find the issue. You know with tools and stuff.



Software on the computer that needs repairing is probably the most prevalent form of “find the issue for me” in use today. Though it doesn’t do much good if you can’t get on your computer to run the software.



The last thing I could think of was another old way to find out where your problem is and it is just plain old finding and reading about the specific problem in a book. It would be more useful than the above interface if you couldn’t get onto your computer but is difficult to pinpoint your exact problem and if the problem is just an occurrence for your computer model, year, brand than your kinda screwed.



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