User Interface//home security and alert system

My basic idea is a home security system that allows the user to open their front door (or any locked door) with a pass code or fingerprint instead of keys. There would be no door knob to turn, no door to push, just enter a simple pass code or fingerprint and the door does the rest of the work for you. (Alternatively, the system could hook up to your smartphone and just open automatically for you when you reached a close enough vicinity. But this is just an option, not necessary). With this system you would never have to use keys and never have to manually open your door (hands full? no problem!) and you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to lock up your house, because it would happen automatically when you leave.

As an added feature, the system would have an option for guests arriving at your house to enter in (or say) their name, and an alert (doorbell sound?) would be heard from inside your house along with the name of who was there (no more peep holes!). Again this could be something you sync up with your smartphone. Maybe you want to know who is dropping by while you are away? Or you want to be alerted via your smartphone rather than through the house system. If you are away, your visitor would receive a message telling them that you are not home, and give them the option to leave a message for you upon your return.

The security would give piece of mind to homeowners by alerting you first thing of a potential break in (windows are also included). If you are traveling, you would be notified (smart phone alert, text message or email). Or if you were home, the system would alert you if someone was trying to break through a door or window.

Similar Interfaces:



Thumbprint scanner on door handle. This is designed for office buildings where multiple people use it and is a quicker way of getting through than using keys. The fingerprint recognition technology is similar to my idea, but this interface uses a handle. The neat thing about this design though is that the thumbprint scanner is located in a spot where the user would already be putting their thumb to open the door, so they can have their thumbprint scanned and open the door all in one quick swoop.

Classic Door Key Pad:


This would be the classic pass code door opener interface. Just punch in some buttons and go! This is basically the same concept, but not as high tech or practical.

Wireless Alert:


This is a monitor that tells you if your garage door is open or closed. Pretty silly. This also kind of falls into the category of those home alert systems that notify you out loud every time a door opens or closes (voice will say “Back door”).



(sorry about the crap quality!)


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