Project 3 Prototype Test 1

I will demonstrate a quick walk-through of what my Artificial Sunlight Panel does. but first a small background on the tech (Changed since storyboards):


I am prototyping an artificial sunlight panel which can be placed anywhere in a home/office/apartment. This panel simulates real weather and lighting conditions as though you were looking through a window in your home. Except, instead of finding yourself looking through a drab and boring view of the world, this panel can showcase weather conditions, daylight and weather effects no matter what condition the outside may be in. If you like a tropical oasis in your room, then the Sunlight Panel can effectively show that.

But why can’t one just use a TV? Because a TV projects a flat image. This artificial sunlight panel will project a sense of depth. It will have a camera placed it that tracks your head movement and will accurately render a perspective that will make what you see through this panel feel real. It will also project a sun that can be angled and cast a shadow in your room, as if a real sun lit your room up.

The Tour:

This is a blank room with nothing special in it. No TV’s, furniture or windows. Just the Artificial Sunlight Panel. It is currently off.

Interior Off

Now we’ll turn it on. Notice that the room becomes much brighter. The panel is in its default stage. We can see that it’s projecting depth. There is a grey panel that has become the floor. The white is the sky. Boring, but it’s something.

Interior On

Now we turn on the shadows. The room becomes moodier and an accurate LDHS formula is applied with real world sun Data to accurately reflect a particular time in the morning. In this case, the window is projecting a sun with its shadow as though it were 1:30 PM Western Hemisphere, Portland Oregon and longitude, latitude, Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute, Second. (Not kidding, this real world math exists).

Interior On Shadow

Now we get to the fun part. We can turn on “Themes”. These themes will change the light/mood/ and overall atmosphere of the room. There is also depth involved, so if you were to see that palm tree, you’d swear it were 30′ away. You’d swear those clouds in the distance are 3 miles away.

Interior On Shadow 2

Here’s another example showing mood/lighting conditions. This time it’s simulating snowfall. These themes can enhance parties, holidays and even everyday life. You could even simulate falling rose petals onto a fiery red velvet pillow. Giggity.

Interior On Shadow 3

Now, this is just a test. I may furnish this room to make it look more complete and I can render a bathroom version, or even a skylight version.


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