Flora = Happy Plants

Flora is basically a houseplant happiness meter that indicated the happiness level of plants by glowing happy green, to alarming red. Plants are easily tracked via the iphone app, where the user has control to view the happiness level of all their plants, add, remove, and basic information pertaining to each plant.

photo 2

This is a happy plant. (green)

photo 1
The plant is less happy. (yellow)

photo 3

The plant is almost to it’s red stage, meaning water that plant! (orange)


Since the device itself is pretty simple, I decided to work on user flow and have a couple user tests. The first test was to see if my roommates noticed that the plant meter changed colors during the day. One did, one did not (typical). Then I made paper mockups and put them into POP. The user flow is really simple, but I had some nitpicky questions to ask about design stuff and comparing my two different mockups.

Do you prefer the arrow or the sidebar?Either; Sidebar

Do you prefer the logo or the header?Header; Header

Do you prefer the edit button flow, or the + – flow?
+ -; + –

Here are the mockups:

Version 1

flora-opening floraA1FloraA6 FloraA2 FloraA3 FloraA4 FloraA5



Version 2

flora-opening FloraB1 FloraB2 FLoraB3 FloraB4 FLoraB5


Below is the basic flow of my slides, which shows that I need to either take or find some awesome plant photos.


Next I need to make moodboards, decide on a logo, and mockup the app in the computer.


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