Future Fridge – Experience Prototype

Future Fridge - Experience Prototype

So I decided that I wanted to focus on a Future Fridge concept where food freshness/spoilage management was the main focus so I made a list of all the main spoilage foods in order of soonest to spoil to the furthest out spoil date. I put this on the fridge and asked my family to record when they ate something, how much, and when something has been completely consumed. We’ve only been using it for a few days so I think I’d only see real effects after a while. One unintended consequence however of using this method was that my family felt intimidated about having to keep track of things (correctly) and thus had a tendency to eat more things out on the counters rather than from the fridge…
Additionally, it didn’t seem to really affect our eating habits all that much at this point in the experiment. But I can see that the more automation that is involved will help make the fridge less intimidating and easier to use.


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