Future Fridge – Refined Comp Tight Sketches


Future Fridge main interface screen. Button in the top right activates the clear-to-opaque screen. Three options for fridge functions and displays important new updates like when food has expired or when frequently consumed foods are running low and are automatically added to a shopping list app.


Clear fridge screen – can see fridge contents. “Touch” item to display info (particularly effective for Fridge ‘Smart Containers’) like weight (measured from shelves), ripeness (based on food gas levels) and basic item info (avg. expiration date, etc).


Listing when foods are expiring in order to decide when to consume them.



Add new items, edit existing items. I think this screen needs a bit of improvement.

Now I need to show the interior scan bar to easily scan barcodes when putting things into and out of the fridge. I also want to include a mobile app to accompany it (to scan food labels and auto-add frequently consumed foods to a shopping list). FYI I made my comp sketches on a fridge printout because I’m having difficulty finding a high enough quality image to use for my digital comps.


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