Project 3 Diorama Prototype Test

Here are my findings when I created the prototype as a test diorama:

Some of these simulated darker rooms, and some simulated brighter rooms. Some of these shots simulated both a skylight and a window. There are shots of a sky light that showcases a blue sky.The last photo shows the box itself. You can’t see it through photos, but the tree and hot air balloon should have a depth, and that the lit sky in the back is seen further away… Think of a 3DS and how it’s 3D depth is created.

I used a shoe box, exacto knife, a flash light, 2 smart phones (one to take the photos and the other as a light source), a white piece of paper to diffuse the harshness of the flashlight and my brother as holder of said flashlight.

20131202_160813 20131202_160900 20131202_161039 20131202_161045 20131202_161427  20131202_16155920131202_161458


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