Scoring Experience Placement Comps & Prototyping



The Scoring:

This is a ring with a simple interface that allows users to control visualization of game scores they are interested in on a futuristic set of classes/eyewear.

The purpose for this:

  • Make it easier to view score updates and access basic information about individual games in a discrete fashion.

The function of this:

  • It vibrates to let users know when an important update as occurred in one of their games.
  • The ring is controlled by a rotating band that is sensitive to touch and a lock/unlock switch on the side of the ring.
  • Controls the app on the eyewear.
  • App Controls are: double tapping for selections, and scrolling wheel for going up/down in the games of interests list. After double tapping to get into the extra information window about a game, double tapping is the back to list window command.


For my prototyping I used the only idea I could think of to test my product and why it’s interface could be useful. While in Eugene for Thanksgiving I asked a few of my sporty family members to try to keep track of all the times they thought of an instance they wished they could look up a score or other information about a game. I had them write the major topic, the minor topic, the way it was brought up, and where in the house they were when it came up onto tablets like these below. This was to illustrate the areas where my ring would be a helpful tool and although I really didn’t get any situations you couldn’t just check a phone the idea was that my ring would be quicker and wouldn’t interrupt the conversation as much. It would also help in situations where a phone would be difficult or impossible to use like washing dishes and watching a game at a stadium when you don;t have much room to move.

The photos I show further down illustrate a few instances the scoring would be advantages to other forms of checking game information.





Placement Comps:

These comps show the user interactions with the Scoring and more locations for possible uses.







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