The Helper Stovetop Interface Prototype

I tried to create a prototype on my own stove to see how the layout of pieces would work and for my partner to give it a go. I used my eraser board to show where the temp controls will go and used my ipad to display where the instructional interactive screen will be… laugh away.



From this mockup my lab rat was able to get the gist of this prototype. The user concluded that they would definitely cook more meals with this “smart stovetop” that guides them on how to prepare meals and to use the correct temperatures. this interface is a “helper”, not a Jetson’s “It cooks everything for you” contraption. Cooking is fun and the kitchen is the hub of the home where everyone seems to gravitate to when people are over (even in my tiny kitchen, everyone hangs out there!).

The “Helper” is there to support the cook, whether they are a newbie or the professional who wants to branch out to other food cultures. It guides the user in setting stovetop and stove temperatures of meats, grains and veggies. The user types in on the interface what they are cooking, how much of it, thickness of meat or non-meats (stove can judge weight). The interface can connect with your phone for when you are cooking stews or baking in the oven; it will keep you up to date on the time and temp of meats cooking. The stovetop has auto “boil-over” shutoff. The stovetop is equipped for you to put your cooking pots and pans anywhere on the top and the metal will read and heat up ONLY where the pan is. The middle interface is how you set the induction temp and set which pan goes with which heated spot (#1, #2…), and you can set auto shut off or auto turn down temps on a timer.

Here is an awesome photoshop mockup…


Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what it entails.



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