User Research & Comps


For my experience prototyping I decided to delve more into user research based on feedback I had received last class along with keeping track of how many people travel by the screen location. This idea has three elements of readability: Attract (far distance read), Engage (close read), and Connect (letting users explore content).

  • Motion Activated, Touch Enabled:
    While content would appear with the presence of a person in the Kinect’s range, further information and interactions can be done with touch enabled controlling.
    Depending on the person’s placement in front of the screen, some minor parallax effects will occur.
  • Time & Location Limitations:
    Quickly engaging, easy to leave.
    Interaction with the screen should not be complicated and should be easy to discontinue interactions. Games or crazy interactive elements would be too time consuming for the spacial limitations.
    Personal content (such as DARS or other student info) would be too public for the setting.
  • User Regulated Content:
    Users would have the ability to like content allowing similar content to become more prevalent. This would allow administrators to see what content is most valuable to the general public.
    Content from Instagram would be regulated and uploaded by an administrator controlling the quality of content.
  • Some Customizable, Superficial Elements:
    Color and patterns can be customized by the user allowing each user to leave their own “unique” experience for other users. Would being able to select from a set of typefaces be too much user control? The idea would be to give non-designers a quick, rough experience of what graphic design is. This, along with user regulated content, would give users a reason to return to the location and add an element of play to an informative piece.
    An eye tracking graph show where users are looking the most throughout the day giving the screen a more user based, infographic tone.
  • Events:
    Depending on certain events, the attract screen would show quick wayfinding information for events such as Show & Tell, Be Honest, the Sophomore Portfolio Review, and other events.
    Non-PSU design events would also be listed in the upcoming calendar to give students a hub for GD events in Portland.


Throughout the day, most people walking by the art building are students going to and from class. During peak hours (around every hour from 10–2), students from other buildings travel by the art building giving us a wider audience to hit rather than just art students. The University Pointe MAX stop isn’t very frequented by travelers since it is the end of the Green line. However, traffic from the Oregon City Orange Line (aka “the Crime Train”) next year might allow for a wider audience with people transferring trains.

Having a screen with moving content might allow more people to notice the Art Annex and give the Art Building the feeling of being PSU’s alternate “cultural entrance” since the building isn’t well recognized by the university and in turn reflects poorly on PSU’s art department.


I should be getting some high quality photos of the front of the annex soon so I can start mocking these screens up with the window, but until then, I’ll be using vector diagrams. A lot of things are placeholder such as content tiles and the background pattern. These comps are very low fidelity to get the idea of how content will content will appear depending on the user’s distance from the screen. Attract is far away, Engage is in front of the screen, and Connect is interacting with the interface.

131203_Display Case_Comps-01

131203_Display Case_Comps-02

131203_Display Case_Comps-03

131203_Display Case_Comps-04


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