Experience Prototype + Comps

So for my experience prototype over the weekend, I did something kind of dumb, but it did allow me to cut down a part of my project. I tried to mimic/recreate the experience of sitting down in a barber chair in front of my “smart” barbershop mirror. I taped 3 different remotes/controllers to the right arm rest of an office chair, which I wheeled into my bathroom in front of my mirror. I used my sister to test it out on, which I dressed her up in a barbers apron that covered both her and the arm rests so she could feel out each remote to see which one felt more natural to use.

Once I completed the test, I realized how useless it was because obviously the simpler remote/controller would win out each time. But it allowed me to discover that I possibly didn’t need a controller for the user to use while sitting in the barber chair, and also the user of the mirror would ultimately just have to be the barber himself (since he’s gonna be mastering the mirror anyways, and having new customers who’ve never used it before potentially delay their haircut in trying to use it themselves).

I also discovered that since there’s a pretty good distance from the chair to mirror, it was bothersome to have the customer lean forward to try to touch the mirror if it was a touchscreen anyways.


So to solve the problem of having the user being able to control what kind of hairstyle he wants, as he enters the barbershop he will be handed a tablet sized device where he can browse and save different hairstyles to his liking and also check-in to his appointment or be added to the “waiting list”. Whatever he enters into the device (saved hairstyles, his name, etc.) will be loaded up on the smart mirror when he sits down to the barber chair. From there, the barber would select the different hairstyles that were loaded so he can preview them on his head.





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