12/5 Comps

These are my more developed comps since last Tuesday that show more simplification and more of a clear user flow.

Attract Screen
This is the screen you’d see from far away with an animated background pattern [background patterns coming soon].

Engage Screen
At this point the user would activate the home page using Kinect to detect when they’re facing the screen. It would take a few seconds to confirm someone’s looking at the screen so that it doesn’t constantly show this screen when anyone walks by. Navigation’s been simplified since last time with two main nav icons at the top. Some tiles, such as the bottom and top tile are static tiles that would always appear depending on whether an event is approaching. At the bottom, you’ll notice that the “Like” button is now a “High 5” button. It probably wouldn’t be used for tiles, but for main pages so users aren’t reaching to low and high spots to “high 5” an item.

Settings Screen
To activate the settings screen, users would swipe upwards revealing color adjustments and pattern selections. These basic elements would hopefully give the user the feeling of being able to control content. [Color selection and patterns coming soon!] To get back to the home screen, users would swipe the opposite direction.

Help/Info Screen
Swiping down would reveal the help/info screen. Maybe having more onboarding on the homepage would make navigation easier.

Stats Screen
Content for this page is still in development. A stats page from the stats tile (or should it be a main top nav icon?) would allow users to see statistics like average number of views, a daily eye tracking map, or etc.

131205_Attract Screen

131205_Home screen
These are just two basic mockups to show placement of the screen. An illusion of depth using parallax might be nice for when you’re viewing the screen from an odd angle. Better photos will be taken!


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