Scoring Final Prezzy

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.26.54 AM

Here it is:


Pretty fun bit of work. I happy with the idea I had even though I kinda felt like it didn’t have a ton of different interactions and options. I would have like to explore the system that would link to mine that would feed it user’s favorite teams. That’s what I would have done with more time, design the phone/online app that allowed the user to select the teams they wanted to watch. As of now I am kinda assuming the user would magically have their teams of interest already selected.

Also different sports would have more games per week than others, I have designed my presentation around the NFL in which teams only have a game every week. So the list I have set up and how it would work for the NFL is it would represent the weekly games, once the week was over it would reset for the next week. With the MLB for example there might be 3 games during a week for a team so representation in the list fashion I have set up might get lengthy and I would need to come up with a way to represent dates of games and so on.

Representation would vary for each sport in a few ways for some and many more for others. This would be another aspect that could use more developing and time. Even with those two aspects that I would like to see pushed further I liked coming up with a tactile interface that could work with a futuristic visualization device. I found it fun to dream up something I would definitely use and could be possible make in the future.


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